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Google may begin Supporting Wear OS Smartwatch backups to Google One

As we start to see new Wear OS devices trickle into the market, Google’s efforts to improve the overall experience on Android devices is revealed in the latest APK Teardown by the folks over at XDA-Developers.

New strings in the beta version 22.32.12 build of the Google Play Services app reveal that Google is preparing to add support for backing up smartwatch data when switching to a new device. One string is titled: companion_backup_opt_in_title which contains the prompts: Back up your device with Google One/ Backup by Google One/ Choose backup account.

Currently, when switching a Wear OS smartwatch to a new Android smartphone, you’re required to factory reset the watch. Adding an option to back up the device would make it a much smoother experience.

What’s interesting is the mention of Google One – a paid Google subscription. Settings and management of Google’s device data backups for Android and iOS are found in the Google One app, though a Google One subscription isn’t required to use the feature. Google One subscribers pay for extra storage on their Google Account so we don’t think Google would put a feature like this behind a paywall.

Given the timing of this finding, Google might add the feature in time for the launch of its upcoming Pixel smartwatch, rumored to arrive in October along with the Pixels 7 and 7 Pro.

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