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Google announces it will migrate Assistant and Calendar reminders to Tasks

Google Assistant has long been able to store reminders for you. It will remind you at the specific time you asked, and these reminders could be set to repeat after a set time interval. Google Tasks launched after, offering the same functionality, but it made keeping track of all your reminders difficult.

In its latest entry to its blog, The Keyword, Google announces that it is preparing to migrate all users’ reminders over to Google Tasks. Reminders created on Google Assistant and Google Calendar will soon all be directed to the Google Tasks app where they can be viewed, organized, and managed.

Google reminds us that Tasks can be created from a message received in Gmail, you can add a task from Google Chat, and you can create Tasks using Google Calendar. This applies whether you’re using the web-based versions of Google’s services or mobile apps.

“In the coming months” when creating a new reminder using Google Assistant, you will see a pop-up notification on your phone or computer that will tell you to set up Google Tasks. This is when your Assistant reminders will be moved over into Tasks if you haven’t already done so.

Google Tasks can be seen through Gmail, Calendar, Chat, or Google Drive on desktop, or using the Google Tasks app on iOS and Android.

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